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Flaggs reaches out to President Trump in support of churches



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Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs Jr. reached out to President Donald Trump today in a letter.

“I believe that most of the needs of the poor in society are met by faith-based communities and churches. These communities and churches might not be officially organized as non-profit corporations, but they certainly provide the same or more necessary services to citizens in our communities,” Flaggs wrote.

The mayor then described how the COVID-19 crisis has affected these entities.

“Faith-based communities and churches rely on the financial giving of their congregation who are no longer present and many of whom are no longer employed,” Flaggs wrote. “These faith-based communities and churches are typically the ones who fill in the social services gaps such as food pantries, medical clinics for the poor, utility payments for those in need, shelters for the homeless and other social services.

Flaggs then requested that churches be included in the $2.2 trillion relief package the president signed on March 27.

“It is my hope that these faith-based communities and churches can also be eligible for funding under the CARES Act just as non-profit corporations and other charities are eligible.”

Read the whole letter below.

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