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Fire Departments conduct annual pressure test on fire hoses



leaky hoses
The annual fire hose inspection is underway. (Photo by David Day)

Several fire departments are conducting annual pressure tests on fire hoses to ensure there are no leaks and they can keep pressure in order to combat fires.

When firefighters respond to a fire emergency, the one thing no one wants on the scene is a leaky hose.  Yearly inspections are performed to ensure this doesn’t happen. If a hose were to leak during a fire emergency then pressure cannot be maintained and there would be a serious risk to victims and firefighters.

faulty hose

A faulty hose is tagged for service removal. (Photo by David Day)

“…they test it to a certain PSI for so many minutes, and basically what that does that helps us ensure to the taxpayer and the insurance that our hose is going to work whenever we need it to if we are ever called to use it.”, stated Lee Williams of the Culkin Fire Department.

Hoses aren’t the only things being tested. One test that is performed is a ladder pressure test, where it is to withstand 500 lbs. of pressure for five minutes. Aluminum ladders are exposed to excessive amounts of heat which can cause the metal to expand.

ladder test 500 lb

A 500 lb. ladder test being performed. (Photo by David Day)

You can view the interview and footage below:

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