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Evening storms left a lot of rain



The Tingleville rain gauge reports 1.5 inches of rain fell in the area overnight (photo by Michael Woodrick)

A line of thunderstorms came through the Vicksburg Warren county area last night and left a fair amount of rain. The Vicksburg Daily News checked with its rain gauge partners across the area for their updates.

Randy Darden has the Onward rain gauge and is reporting 1.2 inches of rain from the storm and winds had settled down to 6 m.p.h.

In the southern part of Warren County Michael Woodrick’s Tingleville water gauge measured 1.5 inches of rain while Jeff Terry’s gauge at Eagle Lake showed 1.3 inches of rain at the lake.

Eagle Lake’s Jeff Terry also reports wind gusts of up to 20 m.p.h. Rain was sheeting across roadways at one point.

The storm came through the county in two waves with the first pass dropping just a little bit more than the second. The southern part of the county received slightly more rain than the northern parts however the wind was more active in the north.


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