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Dorothy "Dot" Scott, a Vicksburg legend (to some), Passes Away




How to talk to people… not that I ever had a problem talking… but Dot had a certain charm when she would chat someone up for the first time.   She made a connection.. she made friends easily. What to expect from people… She taught me to adjust my expectations of people based on their ability, not what I felt they should be able to do. To go the extra mile to overcome obstacles…  Dot didn’t have a driver’s license… she didn’t even know how to drive… she would get her husband, Lamar – God rest his soul, to drive her into work early to avoid him having to make an extra trip… Unfailingly, Dot would come in the door and proceed to inspect the restaurant that she loved so much.   She’d make coffee and check the tea…. Tea… Ahhh… Dot made really awesome tea. I’ll miss Dot Scott, but her memory will live with me (and Cristy) all the rest of my days.  Dot had cancer…  but I know that she’s in a much better place now. She was a mother… grandmother.. sister… wife… friend…  She was Dot.  She was loved by her family and she was loved by so many of the folks that got to know her from sitting down at Waffle House, many of whom were as close as family!]]]]> ]]>

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