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Donald Kaufman



Surprised I lived this long, but was beginning to think I’d never go! If you’re reading this, it’s because I’ve met my maker; read fast, as I have tomatoes to plant. The soil up here is cool and rich, and guess who came running when I was finally able to utter a word? Snowman! That boy is somethin’ else…still remembers the tricks we learned together. So many puppies here, at first I thought I went to Dog Heaven until I hugged my momma and she said my daddy is here (whew!), but still hiding from her. Found my twin, Ronnie, yesterday, he still looks like me, handsome devil (oops, probably a bad expression here). I’ve missed him! I’m on the hunt for the rest of my brothers, because I hear them taunting this little brother in the distance, sons o’ b*tches. To my loved ones on Earth, I want you to know I suffer no more. My two beautiful sisters, Jerlene and June, my little brother David, our love is thick, no matter the distance or the disagreement. Take care of each other, please. Mark, my only son, I am so very proud of you, I miss you being my hunting sidekick, my golfing partner, my fishing buddy, but thank you for being my caregiver when I was down. You’re a loyal son, I love you…and I’m sorry those Cowboys suck right now. Chelle….look up! I’m here and forever in your heart. Be encouraged, and know I’m whole, happy and busy again. All the things you wanted for me. You are my sunshine, I love you, take care of everyone. My grandkids…Josh, Colby, Ashlee, Mary Katherine, Allen Dale, and Cali-bug, and greats Maverick and Michael, I enjoyed making you laugh over the years and proud to be your pawpaw. Each of my grandkids, and greats, hold a special place in my heart. Y’all grow up strong and don’t be sissies, ya hear?  PS…just met my favorite gameshow host, Alex Trebek, “I’ll take Paradise for a thousand, please!”

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