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Democratic Response to Gov. Barbour's Speech




Watch the video here. (The Response is at the 51:15 mark in the video.  It lasts almost 7 minutes.) The Demorcratic response to Governor Haley Barbour’s final State of the State speech was given by Representatives Cecil Brown (District 66 – Hinds County) and Tyrone Ellis (District 38 – Portions of Clay, Lowndes, Noxubee & Oktibbeha Counties). Rep. Brown, a resident of Jackson who has been in the Mississippi Legislature since 2000, began by praising the bipartisan effort, led by Governor Barbour, to pass an economic incentive package to lure a solar panel manufacturer to Hattiesburg.  The 500 million dollar facility will employ approximately 1000 people who will earn an average annual salary of $43,000. Brown stressed that job creation is the legislature’s number one priority, but that public education funding is a very close second. “Our children, the future of our state, deserve no less than a top-notch, high-quality public education.  He went on to say, “we will not raise taxes; we will not even consider a tax increase.”  He stated that Democratic and Republican leaders will pass “a budget that is reasonable, that does not raise taxes.” Ellis, a Baptist preacher who has been in the legislature since 1980, continued the response by affirming Brown’s statement about funding education and public service positions.  He stressed the importance of finding Medicaid and mental health facilities in our state. The redistricting process was Ellis’ next topic.  He called for bipartisan leadership in re-drawing district lines in the state according to the 2010 census figures, something that is required by federal law.  Ellis went on to state that there is no reason any taxpayer money should be “wasted on lawyers” to litigate the redistricting process. Ellis, the first black man to serve as Majority Leader of the House of Representatives, repeated Brown’s pledge to create jobs. “This is our message to the businessmen & women of the state of Mississippi,” he began.  “If you’ve got a way we can be helpful; come see us.  If there is something we can do to create jobs; let us know what it is.  Our doors are open. “The key to success is simple: Dedicated public officials, Democratic, Republican and Independent,, who put aside partisan issues and work for the better(ment) of the State of Mississippi.” The representatives closed their response asking for the blessings of God and calling for all people to remember the victims of Saturday’s “senseless” and violent attack in Arizona, in which six were killed and thirteen wounded.  One of those wounded was a US Representative from Arizona, Gabrielle Giffords.]]]]> ]]>

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