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Craft denied bond once again in Prudhomme murder case



Andrew Prudhomme, 26, was shot to death June of last year.

Bennard Craft, Jr., 24, was denied bond once again, this time by Judge Toni Terrett.

Craft Jr. is charged with the brutal, execution-style murder of Andrew Prudhomme in the early morning hours of June 25, 2020, at Prudhomme’s residence on Alfred Drive in the Hillcrest subdivision.

Craft, Jr. was originally given a 2 million dollar bond by Municipal Judge Angela Carpenter. That bond was soon revoked by Judge Johnny Price who ordered him held without bond. Two subsequent attempts to gain a bond went before Judge Marcie Southerland and were also denied.

The home on Alfred Drive. (Photo by David Day)

Craft resided across the street from Prudhomme and they were, at some point, friends. Prudhomme’s body was found lying in a pool of his own blood in the early morning hours of June 25, 2020. Several gunshot wounds, deliberately placed, ended his young life in the doorway of the garage entrance to his home. It appears Prudhomme opened the door willingly at nearly 3 a.m.

Initial reports from the VPD and police chief Milton Moore indicated 5 shots, at close range ended Prudhomme’s life.

At the bond hearing this morning, Thursday, March 11, it was revealed that, according to prosecutors, at least 12 shots were fired. “It was the brutal murder of a defenseless victim that died in his own doorway” Prudhomme’s mother, Dr. Tammy English said in a message to the Vicksburg Daily News, recalling the words of the detective in the first bond hearing.

Craft’s father took the stand to plead for the court to allow his son to stay with him while awaiting trial. Craft Sr. lives about 45 minutes away and, according to his sworn testimony, has a job lined up for his son while he stayed with him. Prosecutors questioned Craft, Sr. on his physical ability to control his son if his son chose to attempt to leave. “I’ve had two strokes,” admitted the senior Craft. The defense asked Craft Sr. how he would respond if his son left causing Craft Sr. to reply, “I would call the police.”

Dr. David Prudhomme, victim Andrew Prudhomme’s father, provided a dramatic detail to the aftermath of the murder when he told the court in a quivering, but determined voice, “The next day I and two of my remaining sons cleaned up the blood. I felt it was my duty.”

Judge Terrett surmised the hearing and repeated back to the court and the families assembled the points made during the hearing. Included in the Judge’s assessment was that Mr. Craft, Sr. lived far from Warren County and a law enforcement response from Warren County was a concern. Judge Terrett’s compassionate assessment of the hearing touched on every statement and legal item mentioned by the lawyers and witnesses and then ruled, “There is enough evidence to hold Mr. Craft until trial.”

Bennard Craft, Jr. is escorted back to the Warren County Jail by Deputy David Culbertson this morning.


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