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Claiborne County Sheriff Department attends behavioral health workshop



The Claiborne County Sheriff Department attended a mental health workshop in efforts to bond closer with the community. (Christiane Thomas via Claiborne County Sheriff Department Facebook)

The Claiborne County Sheriff Office is aiming to bring their ties with the community one step closer by attending the Leading By Example workshop at Hinds Behavioral Health.

The department has completed the workshop which aims to help educate on interacting with those with mental health issues. (Christiane Thomas via Claiborne County Sheriff Department Facebook)

The workshop offers free mental health training for law enforcement, elected officials, agency directors and clergy so that they may raise their awareness on identifying and understanding mental health issues. It also aims to help these positions to better connect with the community by offering training on various topics, including; disability rights, mental illness disorders and de-escalation among several others.

According to, police officers encounter a variety of different types of people every day. Encountering a person with autism may prove difficult for police interaction. Someone autistic may not be able to reply to orders such as “stop” or may not respond at all. Certain actions may be perceived as threatening and provoke a “fight or flight” response, which, if the officers are untrained and unaware, can escalate situations.

It is important the officer be made aware of any potential mental impairment or disability before making contact. It is equally important that officer know how to respond to that situation.



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