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City of Vicksburg Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting – March 21, 2011




City of Vicksburg and employees with the United Way Silver Award for the second year for their participation in pledges. The motion to authorize the Mayor to execute Letter in Support of the Hal Gordon Foundation was tabled until later meeting. The following Sealed Bids/Proposals were received: a. Water Treatment Plant Generator b. Garbage, Recyclables, & Rubbish Collection/Garbage & Rubbish Disposal The mayor was authorized to execute Amendment No. 1 to Agreement between City of Vicksburg and Allen & Hoshall for professional services to change Natural Gas Generator to diesel The request from WVBG for radio sponsorship of Miss Mississippi & Miss Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageants was approved. The City Clerk was authorized to advertise Sealed Bids for sale of a 1986 IHC Fuel Truck from the airport. Discussion was opened for bids for Fuel Access Cards for the city between Pantry/Kangaroo and Fuelman.  Awarding is tabled pending further discussion. A renewal of contract was approved for an additional year for Cedar Hill Cemetery grass cutting to Scott Lawn Service of Yazoo City, MS, for the amount of $7,500.00 per cutting. The Mayor was authorized to execute a Rental Agreement with Pitney Bowes, Inc. for the use of a paper folding machine.  The city is moving toward a new option to facilitate mailing and delivery of Water and Gas bills electronically, but is currently unprepared to integrate the new systems. The Mayor was authorized to execute Extended Warranty Agreements with Kossen, Inc., for generators installed at the following locations: a. Wastewater Plant in the amount of $1,944.00 b. Wastewater Plant in the amount of $6,844.00 c. Vicksburg Fire Department in the amount of $3,705.00 d. City Hall in the amount of $3,442.00 e. Castle Hill in the amount of $1,944.00 f. City Hall Annex in the amount of $1,944.00 The Mayor was authorized to enter a Preventative Maintenance Agreement with Kossen Equipment, Inc. for generators installed at the following locations: a. City Hall in the amount of $5,234.00 and City Hall Annex in the amount of $2,855.00 b. Castle Hill in the amount of $3,740.00 c. New Vicksburg Fire Department in the amount of $5,234.00 The motion from the January 10, 2011 Board Meeting awarding a sealed big for the Surplus Property at 1608 First East Alley (PPIN 17512) to William Nelson in the amount of $429.00 was rescinded, and a resolution rejecting all sealed bids for the same was adopted.   The property in question was misrepresented. A request for permission from Vicksburg Main Street to hold the 4th Annual Vicksburg Farmers’ Market at the parking lot on the corner of Jackson Street and Washington Street was approved.  The market is scheduled to begin Saturday, May 21, and end Saturday, July 30, 2011 The request from Mississippi Main Street Association to authorize payment in the amount of $11,600.00 to the same to facilitate a branding and marketing charrette has been tabled pending further discussion and investigation of a prior marketing charrette financed by the city. The Mayor authorized an agreement with Port Gibson Main Street, Inc. for temporary use of metal barricades for 19th Annual Port Gibson Heritage Festival.  The barricades are federally funded, and Port Gibson Main Street, Inc. is insured and will replace in case of damage. The Mayor has been authorized to enter an agreement with Vicksburg Girls’ Softball Association pending a small amendment to said agreement. The Mayor signed the Vicksburg/Warren County Coordinated Community Response Working Agreement.  This agreement ensures that emergency response officials, Police, Sheriff offices, Haven House, and other assisting agencies within the city of Vicksburg and Warren County will be knowledgeable of services that each other’s protocols and availabilities. Dilapidated buildings and overgrown lot codes and authorization for Victor Gray-Lewis, Director of Buildings and Inspections, to proceed to cut, clean, and demolish properties at 1500 East Ave. has been tabled until the next Monday meeting.  This has been tabled pending a meeting between the property owner, Mr. Abraham Fowler, Jr., his counsel and representatives from the City of Vicksburg. The Mayor has been authorized to execute request for Cash and Summary Sheet No. 19 for CDBG Project R-110-374-01-GZ (Vicksburg Municipal Fire Station). A request for advertisement funds from Vicksburg High School in the amount of $250.00 for 2011 River City Shootout Tournament has been approved. The tournament will feature between 12-15 teams and be held on June 25 at Vicksburg High School. The request for $300 in advertisement funds was awarded to the 2011 Vicksburg Outstanding Teen, McKenzie Pollock, for the Miss Mississippi Outstanding Teen Salute Page The request for $300 advertisement funds was awarded to the 2011 Miss Vicksburg, Elyssa Lassiter, for the Miss Mississippi Salute Page Souvenir Booklet. The remaining allocation of funds in the amount of $30,000.00 to Vicksburg-Warren County Chamber of Commerce was approved. The request to close Grove Street between Howard and Hayes from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, May 7, 2011 for Vicksburg Catholics Schools Annual PlayADayAwayInMay was approved. The following additions to Employee Driving List were approved: a. Jonathon Pittman – Water Mains b. Vernon Thompson – ROW The meeting was then adjourned to executive session, where the following matters were handled: A. Personal Action Forms: 1. New Hires (8): a. Sewer Department (2) b. Recreation Department (6) 2. Promotion (1): a. Street Department 3. Pay Adjustments (4): a. Gas Department (1) b. Water Mains (2) c. Right of Way (1) 4. Status Change (2) a. Recreation Department (1) b. Administration (1) B. Personnel Matters (19): 1. Gas Department (4) 2. Police Department (2) 3. Fire Department (2) 4. Right of Way (6) 5. Sewer Department (1) 6. Street Department (2) 7. Parks & Recreation Mains (2) The meeting was then adjourned to meet at 10:00 a.m., Friday, March 25, 2011.]]]]> ]]>

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