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Citizens have options when it comes to receiving air transport medical services



(Credit: Phi Air Medical)

AirCare is not the only option for air transport medical service in the area. The company that responded to transport Addie Grace on Thursday is a fairly new company to the region called Phi Air Medical.

In May of 2020, the company announced new bases of operations opening in Meridian and Jackson. Though the company has been in Mississippi for over 23 years, the new bases expanded their ability to cover more of an area to provide emergency services.

The bases are in operation 24 hours a day and enable patient transports where weather conditions may prohibit those who operate by visual flight rules. The instrument flying rules the company uses is compliant with all FAA regulations.

According to the Phi Air Medical website, the company “is the leading air ambulance provider across the country, providing air medical services and outreach education to local communities and leading healthcare systems.”

The company offers a yearly membership plan which offers a peace of mind, ensuring members in need of the service will not receive a balance bill for using the service. The membership covers 100% of the costs when transported by Phi Air Medical and waves any costs not covered by your insurance provider.

Phi Air medical transports more than 30,000 patients each year out of 70 bases across the country. Aside from air medical services, the company also outreaches to local communities to provide education and training for first responders.


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