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Catalytic converter theft rises over the last two weeks in Vicksburg



Vicksburg is experiencing a trend in catalytic converter theft that seems to be increasing. Thieves are targeting catalytic converters which can be worth a lot of money on the market due to the precious metals they contain.

“We had an investigation going as far as reports of catalytic converters being taken off of vehicles throughout the city and also some reported throughout the county also that were being stolen,” said Vicksburg Police Department Deputy Chief Charlie Hill.

The latest theft happened at a local mechanic shop and various other locations throughout the city.

“As most people probably know, inside catalytic converters there is palladium, rhodium and platinum. That’s why the converters are being stolen. They extract those three metals and sale them, primarily for the platinum, but these could be worth several hundred to several thousands of dollars,” said State Farm insurance agent Robyn Lea.

Deputy Chief Hill says if you see something say something.

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