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BREAKING NEWS: Government Shutdown Averted!




10:10 pm CDT – President Obama said that he is proud to hear that an agreement has been reached. He thanked Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid for their hard work and dedication in this process.  He quoted from a letter written by a mother of a student who is scheduled to be in Washington next week saying that the letter said, “remember, the future of our country is not for us, its for our children.”  He added that this agreement was reached.on behalf of our children’s future.

9: 55 pm CDT, April 8, 2011 – House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), just left the microphone in the US Capitol, where he announced that a deal has been reached to avoid a shutdown of the United States government. Speaker Boehner said that he expected a vote a little later this evening that will create a “bridge” between the gap in the current continuing resolution to keep the wheels of government turning and a new budget resolution that will allow the operation until the end of this fiscal year.  The budget deal, brokered late this evening, has to be drafted in to legislative form and presented to both houses of Congress for a vote.  The Speaker says he expects that to happen by mid-week, next week. Speaker Boehner said that there were “significant” budget cuts in the deal, reportedly upwards of $40 Billion We are awaiting remarks from Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and President Barack Obama]]]]> ]]>

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