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Blue Light Patrol: Coming to a neighborhood near you



Photo by Scott Davidson from United States - Police Car Lights, CC BY 2.0,

In an effort to make the police presence better known, the Vicksburg Police Department will be starting a new program called ‘Blue Light Patrol’.

Several residents of Vicksburg have expressed concerns about not seeing patrol cars in their neighborhoods.  In an effort to be better seen, the Vicksburg Police Department is starting up a new ‘Blue Light Patrol’ program.

The idea behind it is fairly simple.  When a marked car patrols neighborhoods or businesses during the night, they are to have their solid blue flashers or the blue corner of their light bar on.

The Vicksburg Police Department is hoping this simple gesture will help increase visibility and lead to fewer crimes by making their presence more well known. This will also serve to let residents know there is a police officer nearby, and where, if they are in need of assistance.

The Vicksburg Police Department does not wish citizens to be alarmed when they see a car patrolling with its lights on. It is simply a measure to increase visibility to citizens and deter crime.

Several other police agencies throughout the nation have installed similar programs which have been met with positive feedback

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