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And The Kitchen Sink, Too




Bee Sting – What person, having just been stung on the foot, would not love the feel of nice, warm, wet, chewing tobacco and juice, rubbed on the area? (I, myself, had this happen to me, as a child. I do not think I found this odd; after all, it was my Dad’s spit that was used.) Chicken Pox – Let’s strip the healthy children down, take them outside and run the flock of chickens over them. (Well, it must have worked, because I’ve never had the chicken pox!) Earache – Allow a smoker to cup the affected ear, and blow cigarette smoke directly into the ear canal, blocking its escape with a cotton ball. (I am grateful that I use goldenseal powder for ear aches, because that was a rather weird experience.) Tooth Ache – Clove Oil placed directly on the affected teeth will temporarily numb the area. Pure Vanilla Extract can be used, as well. Painful Gas Pains– Drink a cup of water with a teaspoon of baking soda. (If you have heart conditions, it is best not to use this.) Reoccurring Headaches – Japanese Oil of Peppermint rubbed over your temples, will help to ease the pain of daily or slight sinus headaches. Household Pests (cockroaches, fleas, bees, flies, etc) – Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade).This can be found at co-op’s or whole food stores. Will kill anything with an exoskeleton, but is safe enough to place in your loving pets bedding. (Also works in vegetable gardens as pest control and fertilizer!) Trouble conceiving? – Try Robitussin! Robitussin thins out vaginal mucous, making it more friendly to sperm. Dry Cough – Put Vicks-Vaporub on the bottom of your feet, before bed, cover it with a sock and relax. Dry Skin – WATER! Did you know it is healthy to drink half your body weight, in ounces, each and every day? Example- 180 pound woman/man would benefit by drinking 90 ounces of water per day. Knife Cut – Dry off the area, put cayenne pepper on it. (I actually use this in my practice; it is a great thing to try on small cuts.) Constipation – Why don’t you open up one of those new bars of soap, and slice off some slivers. You can use wet hands to smooth out the edges, and then it’s used as a suppository. (It does work! I recommend this to moms who need a quick fix and no time to go to town.) Dandruff – Buy you a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar, after your shower when your hair has been towel dried and is only damp, rub in a half of cup of the vinegar diluted with half cup of water. Don’t worry; you’ll only smell like a pickle until it’s dry. (It does tend to get smelly if you’re caught in the rain, but this is an easy fix for dandruff.) Early menopause – Get pregnant. Boy that sure seems like a strange thing to say! Each pregnancy will give you 4-5 more months of holding off on menopause. (This goes with the belief, to some, as you “lose what you do not use.”) Yeast Infection – Oh, you’re going to laugh about this … but at least you have options!

  • Real, plain yogurt as a sexual lubricant
  • You can peel a garlic clove and string a thread through the bottom (where it is doubled up, six inches from the garlic) and insert it like a tampon.
(If you want to find out how either of these work, you will have to check out my column this Friday.) These are remedies that are considered old wives tales. They have been passed through generations of family members, and are often thought of as oddities. Regardless of where they come from, they have been used, and most are still being used, today. As with any new remedy, you should discuss adding any of these to your daily regime with your physician or care provider. Pregnant or breastfeeding women need to ask their care provider about the safety of any homeopathic remedy or over the counter medicine. Never seek out a remedy without checking with your physician to ensure that it will not conflict with other medications that you may be taking. Do not stop taking your regular medicines in order to take an herbal remedy, as this can cause negative reactions and even withdrawals. As with any medicine, or advice, research it for yourself. You can be your own advocate when it comes to your health. I am not a physician; I am a home birth midwife, serving the women of Mississippi offering maternity/prenatal care as a holistic and natural care provider. Each week I will attempt to discuss natural remedies that are related to your questions. If you want to see a specific ailment or problem covered in the next article, please feel free to email your question or suggestion, to me at [email protected]]]]]> ]]>

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