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All St. Aloysius students transitioned to virtual learning



Thursday afternoon, St. Aloysius High School announced that all grades — from the seventh through the 12th — would begin a virtual learning schedule immediately due to an “increased number” of students exposed to COVID-19.

St. Francis Xavier Elementary School is not affected by the decision.

St. Aloysius Director of Development Kristi Smith said the total number of students who tested positive for COVID-19 is five across all grades. The decision to send the students home was made out of an abundance of caution because of the close knit nature of the student body. Each of the grades has about 30 to 40 students.

At this time, no plan has been made for the students’ return; however, the staff will discuss a plan for semester final exams on Friday.

Earlier this week, school administrators announced that all seniors in the school would be transitioned to virtual learning. The school also canceled its sports and other extracurricular activities.

The Vicksburg Daily News will provide more details as we know them.


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