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Alderman Mayfield sends a heartfelt letter to a Mayor Flaggs



Vicksburg North Ward Alderman Michael Mayfield (photo courtesy City of Vicksburg)

Vicksburg North Ward Alderman Michael Mayfield Sr. was recently diagnosed with COVID-19, causing him to miss the last two Mayor and Board of Alderman meetings.

Friday, Mayor George Flaggs Jr. shared the news that Mayfield wrote him a letter, which is something the alderman has rarely done.

Mayfield has graciously allowed the Vicksburg Daily News to share his words.

Good morning MR. MAYOR,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the hard work, time & effort that you have put into trying to keep this community as safe as humanly possible. My wife & I had a very trying time for several days but we still believed that God is always omni present, Please extend our love & thanks to the citizens of Vicksburg & Warren County for the Great love & support that we were shown during our down time…P.S…VICKSBURG PROUD 👍☝🙏.

Mayfield is in isolation at home and continues to ask for prayers from the Vicksburg community.

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