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23 MHP troopers recognized at the 2020 DUI 100 Club awards luncheon



(Photo by David Day)

JACKSON, Miss. – Twenty-three members of the Mississippi Highway Patrol were recognized at the 2020 DUI 100 Club Awards Luncheon. The event, hosted by STORM (Sobriety Trained Officers Representing Mississippi), honors law enforcement officers for their efforts to combat impaired driving.

The DUI 100 Club was established in 1983 to recognize law enforcement officers across the state that write a minimum of 100 DUI citations within a calendar year. Law enforcement officers from twenty-one agencies, including thirteen police departments, six sheriff’s offices, the Mississippi Highway Patrol, and the National Park Service, were recognized at this year’s luncheon. Mississippi Department of Public Safety Commissioner Sean Tindell served as the event’s keynote speaker. Awards were presented by Mississippi Highway Patrol Colonel Randy Ginn. Trooper John Harris, one of this year’s award recipients, was honored during the luncheon with a moment of silence.

“Congratulations to the Troopers and law enforcement officers recognized at the 2020 DUI 100 Club Awards Luncheon,” said Colonel Randy Ginn. “We are both proud and appreciative of your commitment to the safety of the state’s citizens.”

“The Mississippi Highway Patrol Troopers recognized at this year’s DUI 100 Club Awards Luncheon issued more than 2,000 citations for impaired driving,” said Commissioner Sean Tindell. “The recognized Troopers have removed a significant number of impaired drivers from our state’s roadways, ultimately preventing crashes and saving lives.”

The following Troopers were recognized at this year’s awards luncheon:

Troop F – New Albany
• Trooper Wesley Kelley – 100 DUI Club (184 citations)
• Trooper Bryan Morrow – 100 DUI Club (178 citations)
• Trooper Adam Zachary – 100 DUI Club (141 citations)
• Trooper Randy Box – 100 DUI Club (115 citations)
• Trooper Jason Jenkins – 100 DUI Club (111 citations)
• Trooper Joshua Jones – Honorable Mention (66 citations)
• Trooper Joshua Jarvis – Honorable Mention (61 citations)
• Trooper Zachariah Meeks – Honorable Mention (59 citations)
• Trooper Daniel Whited – Honorable Mention (55 citations)
• Trooper Richard Vaughn – Honorable Mention (51 citations)

Troop E – Batesville
• Trooper Jonathan Bishop – 100 DUI Club (105 citations)
• Trooper Jason Young – 100 DUI Club (105 citations)
• Trooper Heath Mullins – Honorable Mention (63 citations)
• Trooper Marvin Vaughan – Honorable Mention (62 citations)
• Trooper Caleb Gowen – Honorable Mention (50 citations)

Troop C – Pearl
• Trooper John Harris – 100 DUI Club (115 citations)
• Trooper William King – Honorable Mention (63 citations)
• Trooper Johnathan Smith – Honorable Mention (54 citations)

Troop M – Brookhaven
• Trooper Joshua Huhn – 100 DUI Club (115 citations)

Troop D – Greenwood
• Trooper Dillon Norwood – Honorable Mention (88 citations)

Troop G – Starkville
• Trooper Raphael McClain – Honorable Mention (74 citations)

Troop K – Biloxi
• Trooper Timothy Gipson – Honorable Mention (58 citations)

Troop H – Meridian
• Trooper Derrick Qualls – Honorable Mention (50 citations)

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