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10 Things You May Not Know About Us




[email protected] 3. We post birthday, engagement and wedding announcements – with a photo, if you want one displayed – for FREE!  Send us your info to [email protected] 4. We post obituaries for FREE!  It doesn’t matter how long the obit is or if you want to include a photo…  it’s 100% FREE.  Why should you have to pay more money to let people know that someone close to you died?  This is a hard enough time in your life… let us ease your burden and help pay tribute to your loved one! 5. We have a really small staff and we work hard to bring you the stories that we can and are working to make that delivery faster and better each and every day.  You’re going to find some grammatical errors and some errant punctuations, but, please know that we’re working to make your experience here on the site a much better one. 6. Our stories are short, sweet and to the point and written in a conversational tone, not in the way most traditional print media is.  We pride ourselves in that.  You gave up some of your valuable time to visit our website, why should we try to dazzle you with stories that are three times longer than they need to be and sprinkle them with language that you or your kids will have to use a thesaurus to understand. 7. We are committed to posting our stories in a completely unbiased fashion.  We are here to report the news.  Period.  Good, Bad, Ugly or Indifferent.  We will always try to bring you all of the facts so that you can make up your own mind about an issue.  We’re not here to influence public opinion. 8. We are human, and thus, fallible.  We’re gonna make mistakes.  We’re gonna drop the ball.  We know that.  Our commitment to you is that when we do, we’ll acknowledge it on the FRONT page of this site and not buried as a sub-story or comment on a post!  We’ve done this a couple of times already and we’ll keep our word to you, our loyal readers, that we’ll do it EVERY time. 9. We are faithful people.  We do not judge others based on their religion.  We are Christians and are committed to serving the Lord in our lives.  We may not be in church on Sundays, but that does not mean that we are not honoring the Lord.  We are serving, each in our own way. We invite people to contribute to our Religion section – and that offer extends to people of all faiths.  Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Agnostic – whatever your belief..  This is America and you have the “Freedom of Speech” and you deserve to be heard.  We encourage you to raise your voice! 10. We want to know what is concerning you!  If you’ve got a story idea, send an e-mail to [email protected] so we can start investigating.  We’re here to serve the public and we don’t have eyes everywhere… but with your help, we can have eyes in many more places than most can even imagine!  They call the news media “the fourth estate” for a reason.  We are here to shed light into the darkened corners of our society, be it inside the Capitol, City Hall or pool hall.  Join us by keeping us informed about what’s important to you! 11.  I know the headline says “10,” but we figure that you already know this.  We love the fact that you’ve found our site and we are prayerful that you will visit our sponsors and thank them for making this site possible!  We’re only able to keep this site FREE to you (the reader) because of our sponsors.  We are committed to our vow that we will NEVER charge you for being able to access our site, and with the help and support of our sponsors, we’ll keep that commitment!]]]]> ]]>

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